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Putting "human capital" on the balance sheet. You can hardly open a business journal today or employee publication these days without running into the words "human capital." Getting clear on the value of your personal human capital is one of several key ways we get to identify your strengths, skills and unique gifts.

There are many different types of assessments and instruments that can give you greater awareness of who you are at your best. I am a believer in the word perspective, and in working with me, you will experience a variety of different tools and assessments that will help us to gather information about you and what's important to you - giving you a fresh new perspective.

The more information you have, and the more awareness you have about you, the more choices open up for you to consider. There are many different types of assessments that look at different parts of our behavior, and how humans operate. I believe that variety is the 'spice of life' when it comes to assessment tools so I offer a variety of instruments from which to choose, and we will select those tools that will most support your immediate needs.

I know that you may also have your own tools that you may hold very 'near and dear' to you, and I encourage you to bring whatever information you may already have that you have found useful in understanding you and who you are at your best. Top of Page

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBIT)
This tool describes personality as a bundle of preferences for how we get energy (Extroversion or Introversion), how we take in information (Sensing or Intuitive), how we go about making decisions (Thinking or Feeling), and how we decide to relate to the world (Judging or Perceiving). This tool is useful to understanding your general strengths, your leadership style, where you are most productive, the places that use your unique strengths and gifts. With these insights, you will be able to:

- Uncover your strengths;
- Resolve conflict;
- Further your development;
- Assist you in your career direction; and
- Cope with differences.

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CSI Change Style Indicator
This is a self-assessment survey that helps give you insight into the Change Style Continuum of preferences approaching change and how you personally address situations involving change. CSI identifies an individual's position on this continuum of change style preferences, and provides useful insight into how your preferred style affects how others perceive you and how your unique style influences the perception of others.

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Emotional Intelligence Assessment
This unique tool which is taken online assesses important aspects of your Emotional Intelligence. Each individual has a personal coping speed and your emotional intelligence, or EQ, will help you to understand what you can do to increase your resilience, interpersonal skills, your ability to focus, and to be positive and proactive.

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DISC Assessment
This tool will help you, your team, and your organization understand its unique communication style. The tool will help you to:

- Understand your reactions to other people
- Know how to maximize on what you do well
- Have a positive attitude about yourself
- Know how to adapt your behavior in different situations

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Signature Strengths Survey
This survey is based on research done by Petersen and Seligman. Strengths capture a significant part of our human potential. Developing these strengths is, in part, developing our full human potential. By knowing our own Signature Strengths we are able to have insights into "Who we are" and can bring our strengths to play in all areas of life. You will be able to:

- Experience "the real you";
- Feel excitement when you display your strengths;
- Experience a rapid learning curve as your strengths are first practiced;
- Feel invigorated rather than exhausted while using your strengths.

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Leading Managers 360
This 360 provides feedback on how you score on 15 leadership competencies important for leadership effectiveness. Competencies include:

- Self-Awareness
- Learning Agility
- Communication
- Influencing Higher Management
- Influencing Across the Organization
- Acting Systematically
- Responding to Complexity
- Broad Organizational Perspective
- Resiliency
- Balance Between Personal Life and Work
- Negotiation
- Selecting and Developing Others
- Taking Risks
- Implementing Change
- Managing Globally Dispersed Teams
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WorkPlace Big Five
The WorkPlace Big Five Profile 4.0 is a personality assessment based on the Five-Factor Model of Personality, the current standard for psychologists. With only 107 questions, the WorkPlace is easy to complete online in 10 15 minutes. The WorkPlace has several specific business applications including the following:

- Team building
- Leadership development
- Performance coaching
- Job Selection and hiring
- Succession planning
- Management/supervisory training
- Career development
- Sales training
- Conflict management

Contact Lydia today to discuss how these assessments can support you and your team.

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