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Those who have responsibilities for leadership, must be able to lead teams and be leaders as part of teams. 

  • Team leaders need to build trust and support team members in trusting each other

  • There are 4 basic activities that teams focus on to be successful. Team members need to clarify and pay attention to the following: 

  1. Goals ​

  2. Roles/within and outside the team 

  3. Processes, how they will achieve their goals

  4. Relationships, members need to develop relationships with each other

  • Becoming a high performing team take time, commitment, and emotional energy, it requires understanding the team as a system that is connected to many other systems 

  • The question is how does a team create synergy together in a way that the total team output is greater than what any single team member could have delivered 

  • Multi stakeholder understanding and relationship management

  • Evidence based team effectiveness 

  • Developing a high performing team 

  • Effective communication inside and outside of the team

  • Building team respect and trust 

  • Managing team changes

Our Offerings include:

  • Enhanced team alignment and effectiveness

  • Strategies for team learning and development

  • Strategic planning facilitation

  • Personalized 360 team assessments

  • Interdepartmental dialogue and conflict resolution 

  • Renewal 

  • Customized learning programs for team members and leaders 

  • Welcoming and aligning new team members 

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